The global demand for cashew nuts has increased by 53% since 2010, making it a commodity very potential to be developed although Indonesia is the eighth producer of cashew nuts in the world, agricultural practices that quite traditional make Indonesian's cashew production decline.

PRISMA collaborated with market participants as an attempt to improve good agricultural practices in the procurement of inputs, equipment, technical, training and maintenance of high-quality crops, farm management and broader post-production services related to cashew nuts to increase productivity and farmer's income.

As of December 2018, various innovations offered by PRISMA and its partners had helped to achieve increased productivity and income up to IDR 11.7 billion for 7,222 smallholder households in NTT, which is one of the highest cashew producing provinces in the archipelago.

PRISMA does not continue to work in this sector, based on the analysis results of sector's performance and achievement.