As the fourth-largest producer and exporter in the world and by the consideration that cassava is very suitable to plant on dry land where rice and maize are hard to grow, Indonesian cassava farming is very potential to be developed. However, the lack of availability of superior seeds and marketing instability makes productivity decline.

PRISMA collaborates with the partners to provide counseling and training activities to improve the productivity and continuity of cassava harvest. This collaboration also opens up new market opportunities through the sustained supply of cassava for animal feed production.

In addition, ARISA facilitates cooperation between the private sector and research institutions/universities to increase the productivity and income of cassava farmers through research and cassava processing into other commodities which have higher economic value.

As of December 2018, all this cooperation had resulted in an increase in income to 1,146 smallholder households in East Java and NTT and reach IDR 2.8 billion, opening 223 new jobs for fertilizer production, and post-production processing which involve women.

PRISMA did not continue to work in this sector, based on the results of the analysis of attainments