As the fifth global coffee producer and exporter in 2018, Indonesia’s coffee holds a prominent reputation in the world. Annual production of raw coffee beans is more than 639,412 tons, from 1.25 million hectares of agricultural land (Agricultural Statistics, 2018). The local farmers produced 96% of the national coffee in a traditional way. Lack of information, price fluctuations, and marketing access are obstacles to increase the production's volume and quality to meet the growing global demand for coffee.

To increase the productivity and incomes of the coffee farmers, PRISMA and its partners work to promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), introduce fast-growing coffee varieties and small trees, support crop rejuvenation programs, efforts to encourage increased market access and capital. To December 2018, the coffee sector had shown a positive contribution to improving the farmers' incomes and the partners' business profits. This sector continues to be one of the leading sectors in the second phase.   

As of December 2018


IDR 17bn