The demand for milk and other dairy products has increased in Indonesia, however domestic dairy farming only produces 0.93 million tons of milk annually or only 20% of the national dairy demand. This is mostly due to the low quality of fodder, and poor management of animal health, breeding and post-harvest practices.

In the first phase of the program, ARISA collaborated with the private sector and research institutes and universities to provide training on good production practices and oversee inputs, facilities, and infrastructure in regard to dairy production. This included the introduction of new types of fodder, combined with feed and supply management practices with the aim to improve quantity and quality of milk in dairy farms in East Java.

PRISMA is continuing to develop the dairy farming sector with interventions to improve the quality and productivity of milk, and improve dairy farmers access to quality input and markets with the aim of expanding to other provinces in the program's working areas.

As of December 2020


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