Mung Bean

Domestic annual demand for mung beans is 288,741 tons, but there is a downward trend in mung bean yields and productivity. On average only one ton of mung beans is produced per hectare due to limited availability of quality seeds, and the use of traditional agricultural practices. This highlights that technological innovation, and improved methods are crucial.

To increase farmers' productivity and income, PRISMA works with partners to promote the use of more productive quality seed varieties and good agricultural practices.

By December 2018, 503 smallholder farming households in East Java, NTB, and NTT had increased their income to IDR 218.7 million.

In the second phase of the program, PRISMA is working with seed companies including local nurseries to promote the use of high yielding varieties of mung bean seeds in order to benefit and reach more smallholder farmers.

As of December 2020


IDR 9bn