Poultry meat is the largest growth contributor in the animal protein market both nationally and globally. The greatest number of farmers are poultry farmers who account for 39% of total livestock farmers. The majority of poultry farmers rear local chickens but productivity is low due to the farmers’ limited knowledge and skills in good poultry husbandry practices. Ayam Kampung Asli is an indigenous chicken species that is bred in Indonesia. Farmers continue to rear them using traditional methods in their backyards using locally sourced feed, which results in long rearing periods and high harvest prices. Demand for this type of chicken remains unmet due to the long rearing period and low supply.

With the aim of improving the productivity and income of poultry farmers in Timor, PRISMA along with its partners encourages efficiency by linking markets to high-quality local chicken hatcheries (KUB Chicken) from Java to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and facilitates access to information, feed, medicines, capital and knowledge of good animal husbandry practices. This also includes reducing farmers’ dependency on supplies from Java.

As of December 2020


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