The high demand for poultry meat and eggs as nutritious food is an opportunity to develop modern animal husbandry as a means to increase productivity and income.

Along with the partners, PRISMA seeks to prioritize smallholder farmers as recipients of the Government Work Grant Program in East and Central Java, conduct market interventions, promote contract breeding methods, facilitate hatchery at both DOC retailers and live poultry traders. Hence, around 26,000 people (26%) of 99,039 breeders of chicken from Jowo Super breed in Malang, Blora, and Grobogan have national standard livestock quality, GRP knowledge, and market information in a conducive regulatory environment.

To increase the productivity and income of poultry farmers on the island of Timor, PRISMA along with the partners, make efficiency through linking the market with high-quality local chicken hatchery (KUB Chicken) from Java to ENT, facilitate access to information, feed, medicines, capital and knowledge of good animal husbandry practices, and reduce dependence on supplies from Java.