A number of educational and research institutions have begun to develop research and innovation products that can enhance competitiveness in the agricultural sector. However, there are not many innovations that have been implemented by agricultural market players in eastern Indonesia, due to the absence of incentives to commercialize research, lack of ability to match research institutions and industries, as well as the limited examples, models or mechanisms of cooperation between the government and the effective private sector.

Since the first phase of the AIP-Rural program, ARISA has begun to identify a number of practical innovations by research and education institutions. It aims to encourage collaboration with the industrial world through a market system approach in implementing and disseminating research results that can improve the competitiveness of smallholder farmers.

In the first phase, until 2017, ARISA has collaborated with six educational and research institutions in the dissemination of applied research products in agriculture, reaching 8,868 smallholder farmer households in East Java and ENT. In the second phase, PRISMA plans continue this effort by targeting cooperation with at least eight research institutions by the end of 2023.

As of December 2018


IDR 219bn