Indonesia is one of the world's largest producers of seaweed. Along with the annual national production which is around 11.3 million tons (Maritime and Maritime Resource Statistics, 2017), it has the potential to meet the world's seaweed needs, which continues to increase as an important raw material for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

PRISMA collaborates with partners to increase the productivity and income of seaweed farmers through efforts to improve agricultural practices and good products processing. PRISMA also strives to create positive interactions among market participants through better pricing and feedback mechanisms from the industry to farmers on standards of quality seaweed products, as well as to increase productivity through better fund access. In the second phase, PRISMA's work in this sector will focus on the development and use of quality seaweed seeds to increase productivity. Seaweed is expected to become one of the leading sectors in the second phase.   

As of December 2018


IDR 540m