Seaweed continues to be an important raw material in  the food chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Indonesia is one of the world's largest producers of seaweed. Domestic annual seaweed production is approximately 11.3 million tons (Maritime and Maritime Resource Statistics, 2017) and has the potential to meet global  seaweed demand.

PRISMA collaborates with partners to increase the productivity and income of seaweed farmers through efforts to improve cultivation and post-harvest practices. This includes better pricing incentives and feedback mechanisms between the industry and farmers on dried seaweed standards, as well as improved seedling distribution systems with the central government.

In the program’s second phase, PRISMA's collaboration with the central government and research centres is focused on planning, and the development, and distribution of quality seaweed seedlings with the aim of improving productivity. This intervention is expected to benefit seaweed farmers living in most cultivation areas in Indonesia.

As of December 2020


IDR 540m