Vegetables produced by smallholder farming households in Papua and West Papua does not meet local market demand. The total population of these two provinces is 4 million. 35% (1.4 million) work in the agricultural sector while 31% of the Papuan population and 27% of the West Papuan population are living in poverty. There are 47,940 horticultural farming households in West Papua and 266,054 in Papua (Agricultural Census, 2013).

Opportunities for vegetable farming are vast, considering Papua and West Papua still import large quantities of numurous vegetables (including chillies, tomatoes and shallots) from Sulawesi and Java, due to low productivity as a result of poor agricultural practices and limited access to quality seeds.

PRISMA collaborates with relevant market participants with the aim to improve farmers' productivity and income through various good agricultural practices, ranging from procurement of high-quality agricultural inputs, and a broader range of processing and services related to the vegetable sector.

At the end of the first phase of the program, the vegetable sector provided the third-highest contribution in terms of PRISMA's achievements. This sector continues to be one of the leading sectors in the second phase.

As of December 2020


IDR 234bn