The domestic demand for good quality pork is increasing in Indonesia. NTT province is the largest pork consuming region in Indonesia, where pigs are consumed but are also used for important traditional ceremonies. Pig production is not currently meeting demand because of poor rearing methods and lack of access to quality piglets and high nutrient local piglet fodder. As a result, the private sector is reluctant to invest in pig-rearing.

PRISMA is working with PT Setoko Jaya Mandiri on Flores Island to provide training and support to at least eight local pig breeding companies to improve their pig breeds and promote commercial pig rearing with small holder farmers. The company is also promoting access to quality pig feed and assisting the breeders to provide extension services to farmers on Good Rearing Practices. The eight pig breeding companies have invested heavily in their facilities to improve productivity and quality. The project has also partnered with major fodder producer PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia to work with other distributors and retailers to promote Good Rearing Practices and quality fodder among farmers along with embedded information.