Indonesia currently imports soybean to meet domestic demand making it one of the world’s major soybean importers. Although productivity is increasing, the country’s total harvested acreage has been experiencing a downward trend. There is a clear opportunity to increase local production. PRISMA will work in East Java and NTB where 810,000 farmers plant soybean, an estimated 48 percent of national production. Increasing productivity is difficult because of poor quality seed and the use of poor agriculture practices. There are also problems with soybean loss in post-production.

PRISMA will work with private sector companies to promote the use of certified seed through seed retailers, although farmers are aware of the fact that certified seeds are better than retained seeds, the certified seeds are not available in the market since the nurseries find it easier to sell to the Government in bulk quantities. PRISMA, with its partners, will stimulate the commercial market for certified seeds. PRISMA will work with the East Java and NTB government to promote certified seed through nurseries while the commercial markets are being established. PRISMA will work with private agro-chemical companies to promote and demonstrate the use of agro-inputs with Good Agricultural Practices. PRISMA will also work with seed production companies, including PT East West Seeds (EWINDO), R&D organisations (BATAN), and PT BASF to produce new and high yield soybean varieties.