Indonesia is the largest beef producer in Southeast Asia but there is a shortfall in production. The government is trying to create a ninety percent self-sufficiency in beef. PRISMA’s research indicates that increasing the availability of feed and artificial insemination services will enable cattle farmers to meet export standards and increase their production volume.

East Java and NTT are Indonesia’s biggest cattle producing provinces. East Java is the largest exporter of live cattle between the provinces. In East Java most farmers raise cattle as a family asset and a source of ready cash, rather than as large commercial ventures. In NTT cattle are also raised predominantly by smallholder farmers, many of whom are poor or near poor and most sell their cattle before it reaches optimum weight for quick cash.

In East Java production is low because farmers have little knowledge on the benefits of supplementary feed and limited access to good quality supplementary feed. Lack of access to artificial insemination services to improve cattle stock breeds is also an issue.

In NTT, there is an inability to increase the production of calves because of long inter-calving periods and high rates of calf mortality. In addition, low weight gain is an issue due to lack of access to nutritious feed and information regarding supplemental feeding.

PRISMA is partnering with private sector companies in East Java to promote commercially available, appropriate and affordable feed for cattle fattening and raise awareness with farmers. To increase the supply of calves, PRISMA partners with companies to promote professional artificial insemination services.

In NTT, PRISMA is partnering with private sector companies to introduce affordable nutritious feed for calves and cattle using locally available raw material. The ultimate goal is to ensure the availability of feed, especially in the dry season, for both calves and cattle. Work are also undertaken in developing technologies to conserve feed for dry season feeding. This may include support to identify and produce better feed combinations and to increase awareness among farmers of the benefits of more nutritious feed formulas. The program will promote sustainable water services for cattle farming, which will influence the growth of calves and cattle and reduce cattle mortality. A third intervention will explore prime bull rental and breeding information services.

In NTB, as in East Java and NTT, cattle production is low because farmers have limited access to commercial feed and there is a low availability of fodder for cattle during the dry season. PRISMA partners with PT. Bintang Pribumi Tulen to support the production, promotion and supply of commercial feed to cattle farmers in Lombok through cattle cooperatives. The private sector partner trains cattle collectors and agents in the supply and use of commercial feed. The cooperatives supplies feed to farmers based on orders and provide support to those farmers in the application of improved feeding practices.