World demand for cashew kernels has been growing at an average of seven percent every year. Indonesia currently contributes only four percent to the global raw cashew nut market and most of the value adding processes are carried out in India and Vietnam. There are opportunities for key value chain actors to increase production to meet the rising demand for good quality cashew, both domestically, regionally, and internationally.

NTB province contributes 11.29 percent to national cashew production, with approximately 23,745 farmers in Bima and Dompu districts growing the crop. Their productivity is relatively low compared to the national average because farmers have difficulty accessing pest control and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) services. Local service providers are not incentivised to engage with smallholder farmers to supply information, technical assistance, services, or value-added processing, leading to a reduction in GAP. This is caused by a lack of information and commercial opportunities, resulting in limited demand for the offered products and services.

PRISMA collaborates with PT GnE (a state-owned enterprise) to develop pest control and GAP services for cashew farmers in Bima and Dompu. The program will also re-establish the company's agro business unit to provide technical assistance and mentoring to service providers at their own cost. With the program's support, PT GnE will expand its business by providing pest control and GAP-related information and supplies. PT GnE are also building the capacity of six local service providers in the region who will provide embedded information on GAP and promote PT GnE's products to cashew farmers to improve productivity.

Cashews are one of the major agricultural commodities for the province of NTT, where conditions are highly suitable for cashew cultivation. Despite the ideal conditions, production levels remain low due to the age of the trees and farmers' limited knowledge on GAP. PRISMA has partnered with CV Peduli Kasih in NTT to provide a range of services to farmers on pest control and appropriate fertilizer use.