Indonesia is the third largest producer of cassava (after Brazil and Nigeria) and the fourth biggest global exporter. The province of NTT contributes 3.3 percent to the national production of cassava and is the second staple crop after maize, making it very important for food security in the area. East Java supplies 15 percent of the crop. The major challenges to the cassava sector in East Java and NTT are: low productivity; substandard quality of cassava and; limited knowledge about markets.

PRISMA is working with private sector companies including PT Nasa in East Java and the Keuskupan (Diocese) in Atambua NTT to improve these deficiencies. This will be done by developing a consistent supply of cassava chips for animal feed thereby opening up new markets for the crop. The program will also develop extension services which focus on Good Agricultural Practices and the provision of fertiliser. The program will also assist farmers to increase the quantity and regularity of fresh cassava supply for starch processing.