Indonesia is the third largest cocoa producing country in the world at a time when global demand for cocoa is rising. Recent changes to regulations has allowed new cocoa processing companies to establish themselves locally, which has increased domestic demand for dry cocoa. In Papua, cocoa is an important cash crop with approximately 26,000 households involved in cocoa farming on a subsistence basis. Currently there is very little investment in the commercialisation of cocoa farming in Papua and productivity is lower than the national average. The low productivity is caused by lack of pest and disease control and knowledge by farmers on the necessary management techniques. Farmers have little knowledge and access to information on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and lack of access to formal financing to expand their businesses.

PRISMA partners with two private cocoa trading companies, PT Purni Jaya Papua and CV Kakao Kita, to build the capacity of their cocoa collectors to train farmers in GAP. The current trading practices of these companies is limited to buying and selling. The companies will develop training modules for the collectors and assist them to establish demonstration plots. The collectors will be trained to provide grafting services and introduce farmers to GAP and the correct use of agricultural inputs.