A Local Seed Producer in NTT Transforms into an Agile and Adaptive Entrepreneur

Gaspar Bao from Sikka, NTT – one of PRISMA’s maize sector partners – has transformed into an agile and adaptive local entrepreneur. Gaspar started his business as a composite maize seed producer in 2015. Low productivity and limited access to the commercial market were among his most significant challenges. Due to these challenges, Gaspar production could only target the government’s subsidy program.

Selected as a PRISMA’s partner in 2017, Gaspar has been receiving support to upgrade his good agricultural practices (GAP) and good handling practices (GHP) knowledge to increase productivity and promotional activities to serve a broader market. His business orientation shifted from fulfilling Government’s needs to grabbing more opportunities in the commercial market which offers higher selling prices and contributing to increasing good quality seed adoption rates in his areas. Gaspar then stepped up his business by building his own brand, “Dala Sikka.”