Differences in Information Channels Linked to Significant Difference in Uptake of Animal Feed between East and Central Java

A market study conducted by PRISMA and RAD Research in February 2021 has revealed that Central Java and East Java, which each comprise almost 40 per cent of Indonesia’s beef cattle population, use very different amounts of concentrate feed in their herds. 70 per cent of cattle farmers in East Java have fed their animals with concentrate feed in the last 12 months, whereas in Central Java only 30 per cent of farmers have used concentrate feed.
This gap could be explained by differences in how farmers access information about animal feed options. The study found that the primary source of information for beef cattle farmers in Central Java is feed sales representative (23 per cent), but in East Java, close to 80 per cent, or nearly all farmers, still source feed information from their fellow farmers.

The findings provide insights that feed producers can use to adapt their marketing and educational activities and improve farmers’ access to quality animal feed allowing farmers to benefit more while also increasing feed producers sales.