13 Companies Strengthen Investment in Central Java’s Agriculture Sector

Semarang, 26 February 2020 – The development of agricultural market becomes the focus of the meeting between Chargé d'affaires a.i., Allaster Cox, the Provincial Government of Central Java and the representatives of companies aiming to strengthen the investment in the province.

Central Java, as a province with a promising agriculture potential is an investment target for both local and international companies. PRISMA, a partnership program between the Government of Australia and Indonesia facilitates this inward investment. Thirteen companies have showed their commitment in establishing partnership on a number of sectors and agricultural issues, including rice, maize, beef, peanut, fertiliser, and agricultural financing.

During the meeting, Allaster Cox stated, “PRISMA’s activities in Central Java have been founded on a strong coordination with local governments and private sector partners. I hope the innovations promoted by PRISMA can lead to economic benefits to all agricultural market players, including farmers in the province.”

Present during the meeting on behalf of the Provincial Government of Central Java are Suryo Banendro, the Head of Agriculture and Plantation Office, and Lalu Muhammad Syafriadi, the Head of Livestock and Animal Husbandry – both institutions are PRISMA’s partners from the public sector. As for PRISMA’s private sector partners, there are nine, amongst the total of thirteen, companies attending the meeting. The thirteen companies are PT. Agrosid Manunggal Sentosa/PT. Primasid Andalan Utama, PT. Garudafood Putra Putri Jaya Tbk, Corteva Agriscience, PT. East West Seed Indonesia, KJUB Puspetasari, Agricon Indonesia, FMC Corporation, PT. Rutan, PT. Crowde Membangun Bangsa, PT. Tanijoy Agriteknologi Nusantara, CV. Semi, CV. Fermen Hipro Feed dan CV. Saprotan Utama.

Prior to the meeting, Chargé d'affaires a.i., Allaster Cox conducted a field visit to Kampil Village at Pekalongan District to see one of PRISMA’s activities on rice sector. In this sector, PRISMA works with Agrosid/Primasid and Agricultural Extension Workers of Pekalongan District to promote the use hybrid rice seed. The partnership between PRISMA and Agrosid/Primasid is also aimed to disseminate information on soil treatment, specifically to farmers living in the northern part of Central Java, considering the high salinity of soil in the areas.

Ayub, Darmanto, the Director of PT. Agrosid Manunggal Sentosa/PT. Primasid Andalan Utama (Agrosid/Primasid) stated, “Despite being the second largest rice producer in Indonesia, Central Java still has a strong potential in improving its rice productivity. By using hybrid rice seed, farmers can gain two tonnes of dry harvest grain per hectare higher than using inbred seed. Our partnership with PRISMA really helps us in promoting hybrid seed in a better way.”