Australia-Indonesia Partnered to Eradicate Hog Cholera in NTT

Kupang, 18 August 2018 

Deputy Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Allaster Cox congratulated the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Provincial Government for its efforts to eradicate hog cholera in collaboration with the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Promoting Rural Incomes through Support for Markets in Agriculture (PRISMA) during a visit in Kupang on August 18, 2018.

Met by Robert Simbolon, Acting Governor of NTT and Danny Suhadi, the Head of NTT’s Provincial Livestock Department, Mr Allaster expressed his appreciation for the multi-stakeholder collaboration led by the provincial government in eradicating hog cholera. The epidemic started in mid-2017 and resulted in the loss of more than 10,000 pigs in Flores island (which was previously declared cholera free). This is equivalent to IDR 25 billion in economic loss for thousands of smallholder farming household in NTT.

Supported by PRISMA, the provincial government of NTT partnered with the private sector to quickly address the problem.  PRISMA, NTT Government and businesses in the livestock and pig market collaborated to develop a Provincial Road Map, which was launched in April 2018 as a strategy to prevent and eradicate hog cholera. The Road Map is a series of collaborative steps led by the government and includes directives on hog cholera testing by animal health experts; development of vaccine distribution channels by pharmaceutical companies; and the creation of a Strategic Animal Infectious Disease Prevention Policy by the provincial government.

As a direct result, the spread of the hog cholera epidemic has decreased, and the spread to other parts of the province has been curtailed. “I am impressed with how fast the provincial government acted in responding to the hog cholera outbreak. The leadership of the provincial government has corralled the private sector and development partners into a coordinated effort needed to tackle this outbreak effectively. It’s now time to push forward for the recovery and growth of the pig industry which supports thousands of smallholder farmers in NTT”, stated Mr. Cox.

“We are grateful for the commitments shown by all stakeholders, especially PRISMA and the Australian Government for their support. Together we can increase productivity to meet the provincial demand of pork, and maybe to boost NTT as one of the largest pig producing provinces in Indonesia,” said Danny Suhadi.