Research Reveals Opportunity for Reaching more Women Farmers with Good Agricultural Practices

Companies often overlook the business opportunities associated with women’s vital roles as financial managers and decision-makers in agricultural households. New data on women’s preferred information channels during COVID-19 sheds light on how companies can make more inclusive business strategies.
Surveys conducted by PRISMA between April and October 2020 show that less than 50 per cent of women farmers have access to agricultural information through conventional sources such as extension services and farmer groups. However, the figure drops significantly to 26 per cent for access to information through digital sources. Moreover, initial evidence indicates that women farmers rely more on their peers to get agricultural information.
Inclusive business is a focus of PRISMA when devising marketing strategies to widen partners’ reach. By adjusting their strategy to account for how women access information, agricultural companies can reach more of them with GAP information, improving opportunities and income streams. PRISMA will continue to promote and assist potential and existing partners in embedding inclusive business into their strategy.