Backed by Research, NTT Government Drives Maize Development to Support Food Security

Lecky Frederich Koli, Head of NTT Agriculture Provincial Agency, appreciates PRISMA’s years of collaboration between PRISMA, the NTT Agriculture Provincial Agency, and the Assessment Institute of Agricultural Technology (BPTP) NTT - a government body mandated to disseminate agricultural research. PRISMA has since 2014 collaborated with public and private partners to strengthen the maize sector in NTT.

One of the outcomes of the collaboration is the strategic document "Langkah Taktis Pengembangan Jagung di Nusa Tenggara Timur" (Tactical Steps in NTT Maize Development). The document translates years of scientific research done by BPTP in the maize sector into actionable strategies and sustainable solutions for the provincial government and provides a compact guideline for maize development programs in the province. During the development, PRISMA specifically supports public-private collaborative frameworks and strategies in aligning efforts to achieve NTT’s maize targets.

Dr. Tony Basuki, a senior researcher at BPTP, echoed Mr. Lecky's comments on the joint work: "I see the collaboration with PRISMA coming with the right momentum when the NTT Provincial Government has planned to double the production of maize from 0.9 million tonnes in 2019 to reach 1.8 million tonnes in 2023." Dr. Toni further shared his optimism that the strategic document would enhance synergies between government programs across departments. He hopes finding in the document will also enhance food security and alleviate stunting and improve the community's livestock development in NTT. 

With a greater harvest area than paddy, maize is the most widely grown crop in NTT, engaging 522,612 (62.5%) smallholder farming households[1]. PRISMA is committed to providing support in increasing the production and productivity of maize in NTT.

[1] Survei Pertanian antar Sensus (SUTAS) 2018.