PRISMA Facilitates Irrigation Partnership to End Water Crisis in Pamekasan

Smallholder farmers living in dry areas in Indonesia spend up to 20% of their monthly income purchasing water for household usage. Availability of water will benefit the farmers, especially in 2020 when the situation is doubly tricky with the looming drought season affecting farming and the COVID-19 recommendations related to strict hygiene. 

In Pamekasan district, East Java, there are 84 villages with water scarcity threatening the sustainability of lives and livelihood of 74,000 households. Underground water sources that could alleviate the crisis are available, but difficult to find and are beyond the existing district market actor’s capacity. PRISMA introduced a locally renowned well drilling firm Rong Cuyu and its highly effective underground water detection technology (known as AWUG - analyzer water underground) to the district government.

From April to May 2020, multiple underground water sources have been identified in 40 villages as part of the first contract. The district government of Pamekasan is now incorporating the improved water detection technology as part of its medium-term strategy (2019 – 2023) to provide access to clean water and irrigation. PRISMA is planning to scale this initiative up with other district governments in East Java.


(The photos were taken before COVID-19 when social distancing measures were not encouraged)