PRISMA Pitching Forum: Strengthening Online Marketing to Boost Sales in Times of Pandemic

In the emergence of COVID-19, agribusinesses in Indonesia are facing challenges to conduct marketing as they rely more on direct interaction with the farmers through offline activities. Through an internal survey, PRISMA learned that 23 out of the current 32 contracted agribusiness partners were having difficulty in designing effective and efficient online marketing strategy which could translate into sales increase. This has raised major concerns on the ability of agribusinesses to keep selling products and meet their target in times of the pandemic.

Recognising this, PRISMA held a “Marketing Communications (Marcomm) Services Pitching Forum” on 14 May 2020. The forum aimed to provide valuable insights on effective utilisation of online platforms to reach farmers as target audiences and to promote variety of services available to purchase from the Marcom companies.

The key-speakers were experts from three marketing communications companies namely: 1) RAD Research, a market research company specialising in data gathering and analysis on targeted consumers and; 2) Teman Dekat Marcomm, 3) Robagu Kreasi, both are marketing communications companies with vast services including marketing strategy and marketing activations. The forum attracted 127 participants, more than half of them were representatives of 37 agriculture companies working in Indonesia.

As a result of the forum, many of the agribusinesses now plan to work directly with the presenters to develop strategies that are effective to both inform and educate farmers and translate into product sales. Vast marketing communications services are in demand, which includes strategising social media campaigns, marketing trainings for field staff, developing contents for online promotions, analysing online platform usage by farmers, and others.

PRISMA aims to provide supports in facilitating the partnership with the end-goal of strengthening agribusinesses’ online presence to achieve sales target amidst and beyond the pandemic. With this, farmers will benefit from knowledge about quality inputs and their proper usage resulting in higher productivity.