KJUB Puspetasari Supports a YouTube Cattle Contest to Engage with Farmers during the Pandemic

The social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted business performance in all sectors, including livestock. Apart from the disruption to the transportation and distribution process, various pandemic policies also limited promotional and marketing activities.

One of PRISMA’s partners, KJUB Puspetasari, a quality beef concentrate feed producer with the Nutrifeed brand also experienced, has also been impacted by the setback. Social restrictions prevent the company marketing staff from making visits and conducting promotional activities in the field. The number of postponed and canceled cow contest events in various regions due to the pandemic has inspired collaboration between KJUB Puspetasari and the account manager for Online Cattle Contest, a YouTube account with a large number of audience and a variety of content regarding cattle farming.

A YouTube cattle contest came out in August 2020 from this collaboration. The contest opened to cow owners, and potential participants could register and send their mascot bulls videos to compete. Three winners were selected based on the number of points (one plus point for each like, and minus one point for each dislike) received from viewers of the video on YouTube within 17 days (3-20 August 2020).

74 contestants participated in this event, and all uploaded videos were watched 707,744 times by viewers on YouTube during the contest. Eleven of the 74 participants were Nutrifeed feed customers, and one of them, Kombang from Pekalongan, was crowned the second winner with a total of 30,229 points.

In addition to boosting cow farmers' motivation, the online contest also helps KJUB Puspetasari in introducing the use of concentrate feed and promoting its products. Nutrifeed's branding appears in every video uploaded, along with the product description and jingle added by the end of the video. This promotional strategy does not only increase Nutrifeed's brand awareness among cow farmers, but it also improves customer trust and loyalty towards Nutrifeed's products. Many existing and potential customers have reached out to Nutrifeed via WhatsApp or phone call since the contest started until now.

Through the partnership with PRISMA, KJUB Puspetasari aims to develop promotional strategy using digital means, such as through social media (Facebook YouTube, and website). The use of social media supports KJUB Puspetasari in conducting promotions during the pandemic, reaching and building relationships with farmers. Not only does digital marketing help KJUB to maintain business performance amidst the pandemic, farmers will also gain benefit through the exchange of information and the provision of access to high-quality feed to maintain their productivity.