Pupuk Kaltim Adjusts Harvest Day Events to Continue Field Activities Based on COVID-19 Protocols

The Government of Indonesia has imposed local restrictions on crowd gathering and mobility to curb COVID-19 spread. Responding to the restrictions, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PKT) has adapted its plan for field activities including harvest day programs. The events are still conducted in the field with face-to-face interaction with farmers but PKT has ensured that COVID-19 restrictive protocols are maintained during the events.

With PRISMA support, PKT has redesigned and conducted nine farmer harvest days during the first harvesting season (April-May) of 2020.  Three events have been conducted on rice harvest in Madiun, Magetan, and Ponorogo in East Java and six events on rice and maize in Bima, Dompu, Lombok Timur, and Sumbawa in NTB – all events organised with proper COVID-19 protocols. PKT invited maximum 10 farmers for each event and provided facemasks to the farmers as safety protocols.

The purpose of the events was to demonstrate the benefits of applying GAP and using quality commercial fertiliser of PKT. Field findings reveal that following proper application of GAP, rice yield has increased on average by 23- 40% and maize yield by 56 - 100%.

To compensate for the limited number of attendees in the field events, PKT has adopted new promotional activity by conducting socialisation events with government extension agents (PPLs) to educate them on PKT commercial fertiliser. PKT plans to conduct the socialisation events in seven districts in East Java. In addition, PKT is also working with PRISMA to strengthen its online marketing strategies to connect farmers with its product information.

About the partnership: PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur is a fertiliser company under Pupuk Indonesia holdings (a state-owned company). PRISMA partnered with PKT to promote good quality fertiliser and educate farmers in multiple crops (staple, horticulture, and estate crops) on proper fertiliser usage and good agriculture practice.