PRISMA Partners with the Government of East Java and to Market Agriculture Products during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon unprecedented challenges and significant negative impacts on Indonesia's economic growth, including for leaders and businesses. This includes the agriculture sector, which is largely affected by supply chain disruptions and sluggish trading at traditional wet markets, and trade between MSMEs and farmers, resulting in lower farm product absorption.

Nurareni Widi Astuti, Head of the Tourism, Cooperatives, and MSMEs sub-sector of the East Java Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) shared, "As much as 80 per cent of the private sector has been affected by the pandemic, including millions of MSMEs." 

During the pandemic, online marketing and trading have become a solution for many agricultural market actors., is one such online off-taking solution. They collect agricultural products from farmers and sell them through an agent system. "Many consumers are going online now and provides the tools needed to accommodate their need," Nurareni said.

In August 2020, PRISMA facilitated a collaboration between the Provincial Government of East Java and With the partnership, will connect the traditional market and farmers to end customers via technology. With this, farmers and MSMEs off-takers can secure new sales channels for trading their products and earn additional income as agents or suppliers in platform. These initiatives are also aligned with the government’s agenda, which supports MSMEs in connecting with farmers. 

In the face of the pandemic, a collaboration between the public and private sectors to create innovative solutions can be the key in resetting for resilience and achieving growth beyond the pandemic. "Moving forward, this type of collaboration is needed because the conditions are changing and the provincial government is no longer able to work alone," Nurareni concluded.