PRISMA and Sumber Unggas Partner to Promote High-Quality Local Chicken Breeds in East Nusa Tenggara

South Tangerang18 September 2019 – PRISMA signed a partnership agreement with PT. Sumber Unggas Indonesia (PT. SUI), the largest local breed chicken hatchery in Indonesia.

The partnership focuses on responding to the growing demand of high-quality local chicken breed in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The increasing demand is stimulated by the rapid growth of tourism in the province, as well as driven by the government’s nutrition improvement campaigns to reduce children stunting.

As a response, PRISMA supports PT. SUI to promote high-quality local chicken breed in NTT, by introducing two Day-Old Chick (DOC) breeds: Kampung Unggul Balitnak (KUB) and Sentul Terseleksi (Sensi). PRISMA then supports PT. SUI in acquiring the required permit to sell DOC to NTT.

Certified by Balai Penelitian Ternak (Balitnak), DOCs from PT. SUI are proven to have better productivity of egg and faster growth than average local chicken. The local chicken breed also has stronger immunity to diseases; therefore, its lower mortality rate is more profitable for smallholder farming households.

PRISMA also facilitates PT. SUI in conducting a series of promotional activities involving various poultry market actors, including the local government, poultry shops, traders, farmers and many more.