Business Inclusivity as a Sustainable Business Solution: A Webinar

An inclusive business approach provides solutions for economic growth, private sector development and poverty alleviation. Business inclusivity as a sustainable business solution in agriculture sectors was the key message of an online discussion forum on 20 May 2020 supported by PRISMA.

The forum introduced market systems development (MSD), an inclusive business approach that promotes multi-stakeholder collaboration to deliver a sustainable flow of benefits to a range of market actors, including poor farmers and community, as well as businesses and the government. Since 2013, the MSD approach has been successfully implemented by the Government of Indonesia and Australia in the agriculture sector through PRISMA.

As stated by the Director Food and Agriculture of Bappenas, Anang Nugroho, “We are trying a new approach in local economy development by building the capacity of smallholder farmers through facilitation from market actors supported by PRISMA.” He went on to say, “A good governance of the national food system is crucial in reaching economic growth which is supported by strong food and agriculture sectors. Multi-stakeholder partnerships are required in this effort.”

Lulu Wardhani from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Indonesia further highlighted the advantage of MSD, “MSD is an inclusive economic development system – emphasising on the analysis of root cause and providing benefits to all market actors while alleviating poverty in a sustainable way.”

281 participants attended the webinar, including government representatives, business practitioners, development practitioners and scholars. Also joined in as resource person were Devin Marco from PRISMA, Soedjana from Balitbangtan, Andre Daud from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Padjajaran, and representatives of three PRISMA’s partners Muhammad Burmansyah from Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, Febroni Purba from Sumber Unggas Indonesia, and Regi Patrizia from KJUB Puspetasari.

The webinar was hosted by Yayasan CBC Indonesia, Indonesian Livestock Association, KADIN Indonesia and supported by PRISMA and PisAgro. Following the webinar, it is expected that more people will recognise the significance of business inclusivity through MSD and join in the collaborative works towards properly functioned and profitable market systems.