PRISMA recognises that government is not only a regulator of the agriculture sector in Indonesia, but also a major agriculture actor. Several key agriculture inputs or function(s) are either exclusively provided by the government or significantly supplied by the government. At the same time, private sector is also a very active market actor in agriculture. However, the communication and coordination between these two large actors are not yet at an optimum level. 

Promoting Public and Private Collaboration  

During PRISMA’s extensive interactions with farmers, government and private sector, it is clear that all stakeholders share a common interest. A dynamic agriculture sector with good productivity growth is desired and beneficial for everyone. Each stakeholder, however, has their own ways and workplans to achieve that. This is where overlapping, inefficiencies or even regression can happen and threaten the achievement of our common interest. 

PRISMA plays a role as a facilitator and trusted advisor to connect government and private sector into a common platform. The program has a deep understanding of how the market works, what farmer wants, what private sector can offer and what government priorities are.  By bridging the different languages, PRISMA enables all parties to communicate, coordinate and achieve more together.