PRISMA provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the prosperity of smallholder farming households in Indonesia.

The program works with partners to help spur growth along the value chain by reducing constraints and barriers to farmer productivity, performance and market access.

Our Achievement

As of December 2019


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Pupuk Kaltim Adjusts Harvest Day Events to Continue Field Activities Based on COVID-19 Protocols

The Government of Indonesia has imposed local restrictions on crowd gathering and mobility to curb COVID-19 spread. Responding to the restrictions, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PKT) has adapted its plan for field activities including harvest day programs. The events are still conducted in the fie...
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Farmers and Kiosks are Doing Business While Employing COVID-19 Protocols: PRISMA Surveys

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the agricultural value chains in Indonesia, bringing changes and challenges that are requiring market actors to adapt their behaviour. To understand the issues being faced by market actors, especially at the farmer (both crop and livestock) and kiosk levels, PRISMA is ...
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Business Inclusivity as a Sustainable Business Solution: A Webinar

An inclusive business approach provides solutions for economic growth, private sector development and poverty alleviation. Business inclusivity as a sustainable business solution in agriculture sectors was the key message of an online discussion forum on 20 May 2020 supported by PRISMA. The fo...
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PRISMA Continues to Support Indonesian Agriculture Market Amidst the Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought many implications to the social and economic aspects in all nations, including Indonesia. The agriculture sector is also taking the effect and putting the lives and livelihoods of smallholder farming households at risk. In the wake of the global pandemic, PRISMA stands deep...
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Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Financial System in Indonesia

COVID-19 and the efforts to slow the transmission of the virus, including social distancing (and Large-scale Social Restrictions or PSBB in some areas) and transport disruptions are bringing profound impact to various levels of the Indonesian socio-economic system. Amidst the crisis, the Government ...
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