PRISMA provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the prosperity of smallholder farming households in Indonesia.

The program works with partners to help spur growth along the value chain by reducing constraints and barriers to farmer productivity, performance and market access.

Our Achievement

As of December 2019


2.17 tn


874 bn


BISI-YARO Disbursement Strategy Supports Farmers during the Pandemic

During COVID-19 crisis, access to financing becomes an important aspect to ensure the continuity of food production. As one of PRISMA’s intervention to promote agricultural input financing for smallholder farmers, PT BISI International keeps disbursing YARO financing scheme which allows farmer...
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PRISMA Partners with HARA to Bring Farmers’ Produce to Consumers Using Digital Technology

Start-up companies are bracing for the worst as their growing business meet tough challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many of them respond by adapting their business model through optimising the use of digital technology and/or expanding their partnerships with other market players. HARA, which ...
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PRISMA Facilitates Irrigation Partnership to End Water Crisis in Pamekasan

Smallholder farmers living in dry areas in Indonesia spend up to 20% of their monthly income purchasing water for household usage. Availability of water will bene¬fit the farmers, especially this year when the situation is doubly tricky with the looming drought season affecting farming and the C...
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PRISMA Pitching Forum: Strengthening Online Marketing to Boost Sales in Times of Pandemic

In the emergence of COVID-19, agribusinesses in Indonesia are facing challenges to conduct marketing as they rely more on direct interaction with the farmers through offline activities. Through an internal survey, PRISMA learned that 23 out of the current 32 contracted agribusiness partners were hav...
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FMC Shows the Way to Serve Farmers During COVID-19

PRISMA's partner, PT FMC Indonesia, has joined the government’s effort to curb COVID-19 by suspending face-to-face marketing programs. The company is instead utilising online platforms to reach farmers during the pandemic. PRISMA has supported FMC to develop an online marketing strategy ...
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